Message from our Chair

Intimate partner abuse, often referred to as domestic violence, is a serious social issue that sadly, is often taken for granted, as an inevitable aspect of relationships. Although we know that intimate partner abuse takes place across all cultures, all religions, all communities, at Counterpoint, we believe that it is possible to bring about individual and social change to build a violence free society. We believe that it is critically important for women, men, and children to build communities where women and girls can be safe and secure in their relationships. Equally, we believe that men need to learn how to have healthy and secure relationships that are not based on dominance, threats, and violence.

The individual and social changes needed opportunities for individual men to learn about and commit themselves to non-abusive relationships based on mutual respect and full equality of women. Equally, we know that our communities must challenge the idea that men are inherently superior to women and entitled to exercise power and control over women- in particular, women with whom they are involved. Counterpoint is proud to be part of an active and dynamic network of agencies, women’s services, and community organizations working to create a safe and equal society.

Counterpoint is one of the few agencies in this community response to intimate partner violence that provides programs for both abusive men as well as women survivors of abusive. We aim to increase the safety of women survivors of abuse by helping men learn to be not- violent in their intimate relationships and by supporting women who have experienced abuse. By offering educational program (Partner Abuse Response or PAR programs) that help men learn how to change their abusive behavior and by providing a range of programs for women survivors, including arts based programming, Counterpoint offers a comprehensive approach to building safety for women and families in our communities.

I am very proud to be the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of hope that you take some time to look through our new web pages to learn more about our organization. For those who are involved with our programs, my hope is that the website can tell you more about our agency, our goals, and programming. We also have many opportunities for people who are interested in intimate partner abuse to learn about this very important issue and volunteer in our programs.

As one of the most established Partner Abuse Response programs in Ontario, we are proud of our track record in developing and providing innovative and high-quality programs. Building on this legacy we are very excited to announce the creation of the Counterpoint International Training Institute. We have done extensive training with those interested in learning more about PAR programs in the past, and with the launch of our Training Institute, we are building even more extensive training opportunities.

Welcome to Counterpoint and we hope that you will consider becoming involved with our exciting organization and working to end violence against women.

Vivien Green
Chair, Board of Directors