At Counterpoint, we offer to provide training for diverse student placements as well as opportunities for volunteers. Our volunteers are integral to the well-being of our services as they both help out our employees and contribute to improving the lives of families through community involvement. Volunteers can be asked to do a variety of tasks from photocopying to program and event planning.

As a volunteer, you will contribute to stop violence against women and become an invaluable service to the community. You will be working with an organization that will help you receive insight on the different systemic issues involving abuse on women and children.

You will also be able to observe the psycho-educational program that we hold. In general, it will be a great experience for anyone who holds interest towards working in this field.

Who are we looking for?
• Self-motivated personality: can-do attitude and positive outlook on life
• Sociable and strong ability to connect well with others
• An interest in humanitarian and social issues
• Previous experience in marketing, fundraising, and social media

If you are interested in volunteering at Counterpoint, contact us.

Counterpoint is committed to providing professional development and training in the area of domestic violence to students by offering practicum placements in social services, counselling and related fields.

We provide employment positions to students on yearly basis, especially by reaching out to Canadian post-secondary institutions such as Ryerson University, Seneca College, University of Toronto, York University, George Brown College, and other institutions across Ontario.

In general, we look for students who have previous experience or have studied in courses relating to marketing, accounting, social services, and information technology.

Counterpoint has been serving the lives of women and family members as victims of domestic violence for over 21 years. With our group of seasoned counselors, board members, and partnerships, we assist several hundreds of victims every year.

At Counterpoint, our employees are all valued, respected, and treated equally. We encourage towards making a comfortable workplace and work experience for our employees, regardless of their position. The qualities Counterpoint primarily looks for in our employees include exceptional social skills, a team-oriented mindset, dedication, proactivity, and a passion for what we do.

Our interns can be expected to:
• Fully participate and attend in our training programs and services
• Develop skills in leadership, facilitation, and teamwork
• Receive and follow supervision through their internship
• Be treated with respect by other workers
• Maintain client confidentiality
• Become informed in the philosophy and psychology pertaining to domestic violence

Please feel free to let us know if you are interested in an internship! Email us at