Our Mission

Counterpoint's mission is to provide holistic programming for men, women and children that transforms the causes and consequences of domestic violence. To achieve this mission, we offer educational programming to perpetrators of domestic violence, and we provide survivors with a comprehensive system of support. Counterpoint also contributes to community development efforts through community education and coalition buildings.

Our Vision

Counterpoint will be a community leader, recognized for its commitment and involvement in innovative, diverse initiatives that contribute to ending violence in domestic relationships. Counterpoint will aim to provide high standards for abuse prevention counselling, support for survivors of domestic relationships, educational programming, and abuse prevention, and promote best practices against which services are assessed. Counterpoint will aim to be a multi-service agency that provides high-quality professional training, program development, and action-centered research.

Did You Know?

  • 91% of participants found the facilitators knowledge very good or excellent.
  • 89% of participants thought that their knowledge of the topics was extremely improved.
  • 87% of Counterpoint Women’s Program participants report a dramatic increase in self-confidence.