Core Values

  • Commitment to safety
    All of our activities reflect a commitment to the safety of survivors of violence in domestic relationships.

  • Inclusive and respectful of diversity
    We are committed to being inclusive in the way we provide services, making every effort to respect diversity and demonstrate concern for all.

  • Social Justice and Integrity
    We challenge systemic and individual injustice and work toward promoting gender equality. We work toward ending violence against survivors in intimate relationships.

  • Sharing and Caring
    We are committed to sharing ideas, knowledge, and skills, as well as fostering and maintaining an open team environment.

  • Accountability
    We are accountable to women, children, same-sex partners, clients, advocates, funders, community partners and each other.

  • Quality and High Standards
    At Counterpoint, we set and maintain high-quality standards in all aspects of our work and develop programs that best reflect our practice.