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• What if I need immediate help, and want to speak to a counsellor?

• What happens if I fail to attend the PAR program?

• How long do I have to contact Counterpoint after being assigned to a program?

• Where are you located?

• I want to send a complaint, what do I need to do?

• How and why do we promote diversity?

• What is anti-discrimination?

→ About Our Counselling ←

• How will attending Counterpoint help me?

• What content can I expect to learn from my counselling?

• Who are the Counterpoint staff?

• What does it mean when we maintain confidentiality?

• What are my rights as a client?

• How can I avoid getting terminated or suspended from my program?

→ Partner Assault Response ←

• What is the P.A.R Program?

• Why call Counterpoint's P.A.R?

• What happens when you call?

• What is next?

→ Accessibility ←

• Which languages are Counterpoint’s programs offered in?

• How are Counterpoint’s programs accessible to the disabled?

→ Career Opportunities and Training ←

• How can I explore volunteering opportunities at Counterpoint?

• What training is required in order to join our staff of facilitators?

• What will one be learning throughout the training program?

• What is the Men’s Program Internship Training?